Current / Previous Bannings - Updated 15th September 2017

Current / Previous Bannings - Updated 15th September 2017

PostPosted by Father Ted Crilly » Thu Jul 30, 2015 8:09 pm

Those currently banned are as follows:

Orienttony - 2 weeks - disgraceful comment re: mental health

No more Heros - Permanent. Abuse.

ASFC Nick - Permaban. Probably an alias. Definitely a c***.

Mondeoman - Permanent.

SD - Alias Accounts as set out in thread on main board.

PiaggiO InnOcenti - abusive posting, also a suspected alias account.

Trustme - Permaban. Previous bans for various reasons - now perma for persistent homophobic postings.

Lorient - permaban. 3 previous bans (including two for racism), consistently abusive to other Boarders despite warnings.

ClintEastwoodBradfield - permaban.

IAmNotAHerO - permaban.

Keef1982 - Permaban for too many reasons to list here.

Tumbleweed - Permaban - Racism.

Contact email for those on a ban -
Father Ted Crilly
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