Message Board Rules / Terms of Use - UPDATED 30th July 2015

Message Board Rules / Terms of Use - UPDATED 30th July 2015

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By accessing the Independent Leyton Orient Forum, you agree to the Terms of Use

Message Board Rules

Updated 30th July 2015.

DO NOT post allegations against a person, organisation, company or group without making it clear that your comment is an allegation and do not present it as a fact. When making an allegation, this must be supported by evidence from a reputable source.

DO NOT post comments that break the law, or encourage/support breaking of the law. This includes but is not limited to libel, contempt of court, breach of copyright and the live ‘streaming’ of matches.

DO NOT post links or images of pornographic or illegal material.

DO NOT post comments that are overtly objectionable: such as discriminatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, disablist, abusive, obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, bullying, or threats. This includes the direct use of foul language towards another member.

DO NOT post comments that contain any other user's private details - such as telephone numbers, addresses - or broadcast private messages, unless you have the user's express prior permission.

DO NOT post comments that appear to have been posted by someone else or any other form of impersonation.

DO NOT use offensive emoticons - this facility has been removed from the board.

Bullying - This will not be tolerated by the site moderators, nor should it be tolerated by the members of this forum. The moderators will take appropriate action against any perceived attempt by one / multiple members to bully or harass another member.

Wumming - DO NOT espouse contrary or offensive viewpoints purely to string people along and get an emotional or angry reaction from any other member.

Trolling - DO NOT post deliberately provocative or offensive messages which are designed to create disruption or argument.

The moderators / site administrator, at their discretion will take appropriate action against anyone who transgresses these forum rules. This can include the following:

Formal warning by Private Message and removal of any offending post.

Suspension / banning for a period of 6 hours - 14 days (dependent upon the severity of each offence and where it occurs, repetition following a formal warning)

Permanent banning from the messageboard.

Each incident will be evaluated separately.

Please remember that you take full responsibility for anything that you post on this forum. The owner and moderator(s) of this site will not be held responsible for the comments of any other members.

Please also remember that you are NOT anonymous and that information about you is logged every time you post. We reserve the right not to activate obvious spammers, unusual IPs and anonymous emails used when registering, and to reveal your identity (or any information we have about you) in the event of legal action.
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