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PostPosted by city slacker » Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:04 pm

Hello to boarders old and new. Looks like I'm going to be the main initial moderator here.

I'm reasonably tolerant and certainly don't intend to patrol threads for offensive posts or bunfights. So if you think somebody has crossed the line just report it but don't waste my time with frivolous reports. I'd rather boarders discuss things and reach a settlement themselves. I'll get round to reviewing reported posts and deciding on a course of action, but I'm not here 24/7. If I issue any warnings, temporary or permanent bans I'll probably explain why so boarders know what is and isn't acceptable.

We are an online community that have Orient in common, and I would expect lively debate on football and other issues. Keep it legal & within the rules, but most importantly do try to be interesting, entertaining and fun. Bores and anybody who doesn't know when to step away from the keyboard and stop arguing will not be tolerated for long.

Permanent Bans and retired accounts are indicated next to the username on the members database. Closed Alias accounts are marked by a *

SUSPENSIONS OF 1 Day or more

Ongoing thru Jan - CEB - restricted posting allowed per day due to excessive posting and arguments
020115 7 Days Living Orient Legend - Repeated casual homophobia
020115 7 Days FuriousO - racist "joke"
050115 1 day - OrientinOz - abusive post
220115 1 day - Keef1982 - sectarian nonsense
270115 1 day - Ron Beere - being dull/font abuse
280115 1 day TTM - offensive post
210215 7 days - LOL - feuding/abuse
210215 7 days - OrientTilABitBusy (ceb) - feuding/abuse - suspension continued indefinitely for toxic boarding
030315 perma - ChrissmithLAD - impersonation & offensive bantz
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