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Re: Halifax (H) Match Thread

PostPosted by spen666 » Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:24 am

Off The Hook wrote:Give the f***ing kids a chance. (The ones that haven't been flogged on yet).

Flogging the kids?

couldn't we just give them a detention or send a letter home to their mothers'?
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Re: Halifax (H) Match Thread

PostPosted by RedDwarf » Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:51 am

With an 18 year old and a player making his first start in over a year due to injury at CB, we were always going to have problems. I expect us to get beaten again on Saturday for the same reason. Maybe we need to bring in a couple of loan players but Martin and Steve would know better than me. In the main time, we just have to persevere with who we've got.
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Re: Halifax (H) Match Thread

PostPosted by gshaw » Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:05 pm

JimbO wrote:Anyone slagging Grainger off after yesterdays performance obviously wasn't at the game yesterday couldn't do anything about any of the goals.

He looks a liability every time a high ball is pumped into the box, breeds nervousness in the defence. Slapped one back over his own crossbar that at one point looked like it may end up an OG and one punch that barely made it to edge of the box. Second half another heart in mmoutjo't ready for this league and the physical nature of it.

We were unfortunate to lose both first choice CBs at the same time but then again with both knocking on 30+ and "pushed hard" with the short pre season you'd hope Ling & co have a contingency plan in the loan market.

Sendles-White isn't match fit and probably wasn't meant to be thrown in this early in the season as a starter. Clark and Pollock also need more work and again shouldn't be relied on as first team regulars either right now.

We need some loan players in if we're talking 3-4 weeks out for Elokobi and Coulson.

Also didn't sound promising with Dayton's injury and we really missed him. Boco has shown he's not suitable for that position and with Davis unwilling to use Koroma (why?) we need another winger in as well as Caprice was having to do the work of two men to provide threat down that side.
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